About Vital Grace

Recognizing the growing need for comprehensive support systems for individuals facing long-term illness, including cancer and chronic conditions, Vital Grace has embarked on an expansion journey. Building upon its foundation of empowering those affected by their medical hair loss, Vital Grace now extends its reach to provide a wide range of resources and support services.

From counseling and educational programs to community health fairs and networking events, Vital Grace is dedicated to equipping individuals with the tools, knowledge, and emotional support necessary to navigate the challenges of long-term illness. This expansion reflects our commitment to serving as a guiding light and a pillar of strength for all those in need, empowering our clients to live their lives with resilience, grace, and a renewed sense of hope. 

Kevin Brown is the Founder and CEO of Vital Grace

Kevin Brown, the visionary behind Vital Grace, serves as its Founder and CEO, propelled by a heartfelt conversation with his grandmother in 2015. Witnessing her battle with cancer and experiencing the impact of hair loss from chemotherapy, Kevin was deeply moved. His grandmother’s wise words, acknowledging the significance of hair for women as their crown, ignited a seed of hope within him. 

Now, Kevin wholeheartedly devotes himself to raising awareness about medical hair loss. Alongside being a devoted father of three, he leads as the Pastor at his church and passionately coaches a little league football team, epitomizing his commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Meet our vital Board of Directors

Kevin Brown

Founder and CEO, The Vital Grace

Dr. Shelia Bennett

Executive Vice-President, Floyd Hospital

Dorian Burford

Cancer Navigator, Floyd Hospital

Patricia Harris

Real Estate Broker

Terrence Hight, Jr.

Founder, Hight Health

Terrence Hight, Sr.

Treasurer, Director of Outpatient Services, Atrium Healthcare

Stephanie Nichols

Office Manager, Real Estate

Tarnace Watkins

Co-Chair CEO, Apex Community Development

Celebrating Our Vital Sponsors and Program Partners